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Regina Sneor has always been attracted to art of any kind. She went to Columbia College in Chicago and loved to work with cray-pas and charcoal. She ran out of her supplies for a project and ended up using colored chalk and old makeup to do a drawing. That's when she decided to get her license in Cosmetology and do what she really loves.

Regina attended Ippolito's Beauty School and graduated first in her class. She also won an award for Congeniality and #1 in haircutting. Her notebook in makeup and Aesthetic class was used by teachers as a training tool because it was done so well, especially the makeup chapters.

After graduating and taking the license exam, she entered as many makeup contests possible. It was then that she won the National Award for Makeup Application. Awards and write ups followed in Aesthetic World, Allure as Chicago's best makeup artist, 2 front covers of a Chicago magazine, Miss America, photo shoots with Glamour Magazine, Better House and Garden, Chicago Homes with DJ Drex from Kiss FM, and the Academy Awards where she worked on stars such as Maria Conchito Alonso, and Marla Maples. There are many mentions in magazines about her brow grooming and expertise makeup applications.

Now with over 20 years of makeup experience, she has a huge list of clients including the socialites of Chicago and CEO's of large corporations such as Barbara Turf of Crate and Barrel, Susan Crown, and Laura Caldwell, a Chicago author of Rome Affair.

You will see that you will look and feel like yourself, only extra polished and fresh. You can look at some of the pictures of clients Regina has done. Please let us know if you would like a consultation. Enjoy the gallery.

Andras Juhasz has been a DJ since he was 14 years old. He started in Hungary as a roady for a club DJ in Bekescaba, Hungary carrying crates of records and hooking up system components in different club events. One Friday night when the club DJ was sick, Andras was asked to fill in. He was a bit nervous, but, said yes to this generous offer and opportunity. From that day on, he was a well respected professional DJ.

He took Speech Enhancement courses and passed the basic level of Radio DJ tests in Hungary. He then started working in clubs all over Hungary, and eventually moving to Austria where he lived for two years. Moving on to the United States, he worked in clubs in California and other states.

Andras now resides in Riverside, Illinois with his wife, Regina and his 3 dogs. Together they opened a business called D' Works, Inc in 1998 and have been working together for 9 years. Regina Sneor is part owner and operator as well as the professional makeup artist of the company.

Together, they specialize in weddings, private events, and parties including multi cultural music with over 15,000 collections of CD's.

A party is a lot more fun with D'Works, Inc.!

Kelley Pajic
Professional Make-up Artist

Twenty three years in this industry have brought me much adventure and joy,and many wonderful faces such as Diana Ditka, Wanita Jackson, Laura Caldwell, Jane Byrne, Bonnie Swearingen, designers for Tommy Hilfiger, Fox's, Helen Lucatis, and many more.

My work has been seen in many world trade publications, and I have had the honor to work along side Bobby Brown, Bob Macky, Ervine & Rita Rusk, Adriane Arpel, and company's such as Sebastion International, Grahm Web, Prescriptive Plus, Bioelements, Marshall fields, Nieman Marcus. Freelancing with photo, stage, and T.V. work nationally and internationally.

I live my life through continual education, and in the years in this in the industry had not only made myself one of the most highly skilled Make-up Artist but also a leading Esthetican and permanent Make-up Artist. I also love the art of semi-permanent eyelashes.

Make-up for weddings is a passion to me. To create a look for you and the ones closes to you, to create together a look that will last a lifetime and photos that will be enjoyed for years to come; that's what it's all about.

I'm known for my calm demeanor, being able to help in any situation and make-up that will enhance you all day long. I always listen to your needs to make sure you are comfortable with yourself.

As a well organized professional Make-up Artist I'm always there early, ready to be there for you so everything runs smoothly. Years of experience helped master perfection on your wedding day.

I recommend to set up a trail date as soon as possible, good artists' book up fast. As soon as you have your time scheduled we will help you along to create the most perfect day ever.

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