Welcome to D'works world of make up & music

A couple important things you should know

  1. Experience is very important! You should review pictures of previous work and work history. Call upon references with questions such as promptness, friendliness, organization and if the Artist worked well under pressure.
  2. Trial makeup applications are crucial for brides and is free with signing of contract. Otherwise, the cost is $150 per hour. Travel fee may apply. Wear it for the day and see how it feels. Did it last? Were you comfortable and natural? Contact us for a consultation.
  3. Weddings start at $225 per hour with 3 hours minimum. Travel and parking may apply. If a daily rate is needed, the cost is $1,700 for 8 hours with a savings of $100. There is an extra charge for an assistant at $175 per hour with 3 hours minimum.
  • All full face applications are $225 per face, which includes brow grooming.
  • False eyelash application and full face makeup make take on an average of 60 minutes.
  • Brow grooming - $25 per every 15 minutes. Most brows take less than 15 minutes
  • Individual and full lash application - $25
  • Lessons - $225 per hour with 3 hours minimum - 3 hours is needed for lessons. I normally come to your home.
    We go through all the makeup you have and throw out products that may be old or in bad condition to the point of being unusable. It's amazing the necessity of throwing out because we tend to save products long past the expiration date. I then put in order of your daily look in one area and the excess products for special occasions. We do a makeup application on what you have. What you don't have, I have in my case to use. We do a look from a day time look to evening look. We then write a list of products needed and where to get it. We then draw out a chart of step by step application for future reference. You know exactly what to do by the end of the session. All then needed is to practice. I do this about every 6 months for most of my clients.
  • Parking fees will be added if needed. Traveling fees start at $50 for every 20 miles.

What you get is an Artist that loves what she does with over 20 years experience. Has numerous recognition with awards, write ups in magazines, and praise from a huge list of clients. You will see that you will look and feel like yourself, only extra polished and fresh.

DJ work:
A couple important things you should know

  1. This is your special event, and you know what you want. We do not, and it should never be assumed we do. Please give us as much information as possible.
  2. Equally as important as the first, when you pay for our services, you are the boss and we work for you.
  • $250 per hour with 4 hour minimum, or $300 an hour.
  • Contracts need to be signed and a 1/2 down payment deposit is due at contract signing.
  • Final payments are due prior to starting the job, unless written in contract.
  • Payment for overtime is time and a half, and will be due upon completion of the job.
  • Parking fees will be added if needed. Traveling fees start at $50 for every 20 miles.

What you get is over 15,000 CDs to satisfy any tonal appetite, state-of-the-art professional equipment consisting of music player(s), amplifier, speakers, microphone, mixing board or mixing program, and at least one extra grounded heavy duty extension cord. Lighting effects, wireless microphone and cord attached microphone, some on-site back-up equipment. Let's not forget talent with over 20 years experience. A party is more fun with D' Works,Inc!

For further information on pricing & contracts for DJ or makeup work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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