Brow and Lash Grooming and Tinting

Brow Grooming

Beautiful brows can make you look more awake, frame your face, and more importantly, finish your look. Brows are shaped by cutting and tweezing every 3 weeks along with brow tinting to give the brows perfection.

Lash Tinting

This can be done alongside with brow grooming and tinting every 3 weeks. Reasons to tint lashes:

  • You don’t wear mascara for various reasons
  • To darken light colored lashes
  • To make eyes look brighter and bigger

Dermaflash is a tool I use for the removal of “peach fuzz” and dead skin cells that can dull the look of the skin. This removal only takes minutes to reveal the natural glow of the skin. Your moisturizers will work better and makeup will go on much smoother. This service may be added to any beauty services, or just done on its own with an additional cost. Please let me know prior to starting any beauty services in the Message box on the Contact page.

Brow services and lash tinting are done at the Gold Coast location on Wednesdays and Sundays. All other days, brow services and lash tinting are done at the Riverside Studio location.